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I have been very fortunate in my life and in 1984 I was inspired by my wife to give something back to the community. Funded by my company, ISA, I founded a small charity to offer people the chance to embark on an experience that could change their perspective on life.

Travelling, my own passion became the first focus of the charity, as I understood its ability to expand people’s horizons, both physically and emotionally

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New York State of Mind - a Year with Steven Holl Architects

In 2012 Arseni Timofejev took a year out from his architectural degree at Glasgow School of Art to work with Steven Holl Architects in New York.

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The Impact of Tourism in the Masai Mara Game Reserve

In 2012 Charlotte Smart travelled to Kenya to explore the impact of Tourism in the Masa Mara game reserve.

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The three months that I spent working in Ibarra, Ecuador, have contained undoubtedly the craziest, shortest, most challenging and eye-opening experiences that I could never have imagined before I left. Working here [in Ecuador] I have learnt so much more about the language, the culture and the realities of development work in Latin America that I think it will be a long time before I've really absorbed everything!

Elizabeth Parker, University of Edinburgh, 2006

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