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Winning the award and embarking on your adventure is just the beginning. There is a vibrant community of past winners that comes together often to share experience and ideas.

Once you have won the award you can join this network and access its wealth of experience, including insider information on destinations around the world, general travellers’ tips and even mentoring for graduates entering the work place.

The community comes together in the summer and again at Christmas for a party in London to meet the new travellers and catch up with each other. There are gatherings, at other times of the year, in Oxford, Cambridge and Edinburgh.

Finally, the ISA Charity is always open to ideas from members of the community for new projects and challenges that they could support.

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It’s been a truly fantastic experience and we cannot wait to return in the spring/summer to continue [building a new Centre for Roma children in Romania]…The sense of having achieve something from nothing and knowing that is possible and will make such an important difference to the children for whom we are building, meant that despite being sad to leave for the time being we went home happy.

James Dale, University of Edinburgh, 2006

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