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2008 again brought a very wide and stimulating range of traveller award winners. They are listed below and their reports/blogs /photos have been added as they are received

Martin Flett went to an intensive architectural workshop at Ch Boisbuchet in France
Ciaran O’Brien and Hugo Target planned a world tour
Joanna Simpson went on a photo safari in Cuba

City of London Girls:
Louisa Hollway teaching in Brazil and Argentina
Nyasha Weinberg Tanzania and India helping at NGO’s

Christs Hospital
Romy Opperman went to India and Mozambique
Lizzie Rosenthal travelled overland to Senegal, plus working in Nigeria for an NGO

Oxford Brookes
Anne Leewis researched in Haiti the relationship between the UN troops and NGO’s
Sari Kaipanen studied suitable shelters for post tsunami victims in India and Sri lanka
Mark Wright travelled Eastern Europe and Germany to assess progress in green buildings

Read more about each award here.

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[My experience in Romania] revived [my] confidence that after seven years of university there could be something more to architecture than making money for developers or expanding your own ego and that it could be something more rewarding and beneficial to society. Previous Report |

Dominic Humphry, Edinburgh University, 2006

How to apply

When applying for the award please bear in mind that we would like either a written report outlining your experience once you return (minimum of 500 words with lots of images) or a blog whilst you are travelling (with at least four entries of 250 words and plenty of pictures). We also encourage winners to share their experience with their school or University when they return and inspire new candidates to apply.

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