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Travel Awards

This travel award has grown and now runs in a number of schools and university across the U.K. from Edinburgh to Sussex. Every year 12-15 students are awarded funding and support to embark on their travels.

Personal Development Award at Goldsmith’s University

This new award aims to give a design student/s the encouragement and direction to realise a project of their dreams. Past winners have included a design collective of six students starting up their own studio and working on a variety of different projects, (including a large event at the London Design Festival 2006) and a student running a charity that recycles used bicycles and sends them to Africa. The award is still in its infancy and we are looking forward to working with many more exciting winners.

Open Book, Goldsmiths University

This exciting initiative encourages and provides the opportunity for ex-offenders, addicts and those with mental health problems to enter higher education. Joe Baden, an ex-offender who founded the programme, believes strongly that people will not re-offend or re-abuse if they are taught self worth and have pride in what they achieve. Our involvement with this excellent scheme has just begun and we are supporting people within the Open Book community who have learning difficulties, such as dyslexia. We are currently working with a member of the community who has decided to embark on a Remedial Teaching course, specialising in dyslexia. Once she has trained she will become an invaluable resource for the Open Book community.

Mentoring Programme, Oxford Brookes

For the past ten years we have run a successful programme at the university that offers candidates a one-to-one mentoring experience, to help them focus on and realise their professional ambitions.

How to apply

When applying for the award please bear in mind that we would like either a written report outlining your experience once you return (minimum of 500 words with lots of images) or a blog whilst you are travelling (with at least four entries of 250 words and plenty of pictures). We also encourage winners to share their experience with their school or University when they return and inspire new candidates to apply.

Download Application form [MS Word 104Kb]


One day I will return to Mexico and explore more of its beautiful and varied landscape. Once qualified as a doctor I hope to help improve work in the same hospital that so warmly invited me in and taught me so much. I have learnt not only independence and confidence but also to appreciate each opportunity I am give in life and to strive, no matter what odds are laid in my path for what I want to achieve. My experience in Mexico has given me an urge to travel, to aid as many as I can and also to smile, no matter what happens.

Nalini Sethia, City of London Girls School, 2006

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