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Personal Development Award at Goldsmith’s University

This new award aims to give a design student/s the encouragement and direction to realise a project of their dreams. Past winners have included a design collective of six students starting up their own studio and working on a variety of different projects, (including a large event at the London Design Festival 2006) and a student running a charity that recycles used bicycles and sends them to Africa. The award is still in its infancy and we are looking forward to working with many more exciting winners.

How to apply

When applying for the award please bear in mind that we would like either a written report outlining your experience once you return (minimum of 500 words with lots of images) or a blog whilst you are travelling (with at least four entries of 250 words and plenty of pictures). We also encourage winners to share their experience with their school or University when they return and inspire new candidates to apply.

Download Application form [MS Word 104Kb]


[My experience in Romania] revived [my] confidence that after seven years of university there could be something more to architecture than making money for developers or expanding your own ego and that it could be something more rewarding and beneficial to society. Previous Report |

Dominic Humphry, Edinburgh University, 2006

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