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Cologne 2008

It would be hard to overstate the significance of the opportunity I have been given by the ISA charity: the gift of travel, of ambition to explore – the world, different ideas, and myself.
The idea of travelling alone is daunting, I was worried… it turns out that the world is full of f riends: just ones we haven’t met yet. I now believe that to travel with established friends is to miss an opportunity, of really meeting new people and of realising the power of yourself: to be strong, to be self‐reliant, and to take part in life on your own terms, without hiding.
There are lessons that one cannot be taught, one just has to dive in and see what happens, to be brave and trust that we are all members of a single people, of a single human race.
Thinking of joining the ISA family? Do it – it’s an open door for you to discover the world.


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India has played a large part in my life over the last 18 months. Whether it is simply sharing a joke with my housemate about Indian postal service experiences, or admiring the country’s geographical and cultural diversity while looking over photos…. rarely will there be a day where its nagging, probing, and ultimately perplexing spirit doesn’t wheedle its way into my thoughts.

Robin Baddley, University of Sheffield, 2006

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